What does a floor have to do with academic achievement? “It’s another prong, another spoke in the wheel to help kids be comfortable and effective in their learning,” says Chuck Brimbury, Director of Secondary Education at Huntington County Community School Corporation

“Schools are an interesting culture. All parts of the academic setting matter to us, it’s not just the desk they sit in, it’s not just the technology they use, it’s all parts of the physical environment from the time they walk in, from the time they use the facility, and how we treat them within the facility; all of that matters to academic achievement, so we don’t take the change of the physical environment with a grain of salt, it’s important to us. It all affects achievement. The end product influences the finished environment for our students.”

In the summer of 2023, Dancer Concrete Design worked directly with HCCSC on two school projects at Huntington North High School and Horace Mann Elementary School.

Huntington North High School is undergoing years of renovation to improve their common spaces and classrooms for student success. With the original building footprint being over 50 years old, DCD’s StrongTread Polish – Remodel polished concrete system was chosen for their 12,000-square-foot cafeteria floor. The school name was also installed in their school colors, using Onyx, Concrete Gray, and Ruby Red penetrating dyes spanning a total of 51 feet.

For Horace Mann Elementary School, DCD’s TreadWell Decorative Chip epoxy flooring system was selected in their hallways and cafeteria. This project included the removal of carpet, VCT, and ceramic tile flooring before installing the Decorative Chip system. A custom blend of red, blue, and white epoxy flakes has brought school spirit to life with their school colors. The 17,000-square-foot project “has been a game changer. The building is not only more functional, it is wearing perfectly for us with no issues. The project was done in time and under budget. Any questions we had were answered extremely efficiently and effectively,” Brimbury says.

With frequent discussions between Dancer Concrete Design, the school’s leadership, and their contractors, job site expectations were clear even before DCD arrived. Brimbury points out that the communication helped complete the district’s summer renovation projects at both schools early. Schools are under tight timelines, with only a small window of breaks for renovation projects. The number one purpose of the timing is to prevent disruption of the educational process for students. 

With these renovation projects, Brimbury focused on creating a comfortable, inviting, and multi-purpose environment for students. The projects at Huntington North High School and Horace Mann Elementary School were both investments in the students’ success, and school leadership wanted flooring that would be durable and lasting.

“We choose our contractors very carefully, as I hope all schools do,” Brimbury says. “Look for excellent workmanship, excellent communication, and highly cost effective results. If you choose contractors that understand school environments, you will see it’s another spoke in the wheel to highly effective schools.” 

“All of those factors lead to Dancer Concrete Design, and we are thrilled with the end product.”