Flooring options for your warehouse include sealed concrete and polished concrete. When choosing a flooring system, you need to consider budget, functionality, and looks. We recommend one of two DCD systems for your warehouse: StrongTread Hardwear or StrongTread Polish – Classic.

Both DCD systems use penetrating concrete densifiers and stain guards, increasing your floor’s durability and protection compared to a topical-sealed concrete system. Joint fill options are also available for both systems, which protect your joints from the wear and tear of wheeled traffic and keep your warehouse floors cleaner.

StrongTread Hardwear

StrongTread Hardwear is an affordable sealed concrete option that holds up against abrasion, is easy to clean, and hardens the surface over time. This sealed system is less intensive and more affordable compared to polished concrete.

This agricultural warehouse chose StrongTread Hardwear for its functionality and affordability.

StrongTread Polish – Classic

StrongTread Polish – Classic is our most popular polished concrete system. This system reveals the fine salt-and-pepper aggregate that is usually associated with polished concrete and is, well, a classic choice for any sized project. With a low lifetime cost, simple maintenance, and long-term durability, our StrongTread Polish – Classic system provides great value as a hard-surface flooring solution.

StrongTread Polished Concrete Floor for Smith Brothers Berne, Indiana
Smith Brothers chose our StrongTread Polish – Classic system for their 100,000-square-foot warehouse.

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Even if you are still undecided on which system to choose, reach out for a quote and get recommendations for your specific project’s needs. Our Project Leaders are here for you to get BEST WORK for your floors.