Feedback is sharing what you see with someone’s performance that helps them Grow as Leaders and deliver BEST WORK to clients. 

The two main forms of feedback would be Complimentary or Constructive

  • Complimentary would be: “Hey, nice work on that edge; that was quick and looks great.” 

  • Constructive would be: “Hey, that corner still looks like it needs some extra attention. Could you check that out and maybe hit it again.”

Complimentary and constructive feedback can make people nervous, so you must practice.

We want to create a business where both feedback forms are regularly used and appreciated.

Complimentary Feedback

Compliments make you feel good and let you know you are on track. A rhythm to help us practice feedback is our Monday Morning Meeting, where we share compliments as they relate to our Core Values. These compliments are simple ways to honor those who live out our Core Values. It’s a more formal way to share and provide feedback from our day-to-day work. This also encourages feedback to happen in the field. When you see something, you can say something. 

Constructive Feedback

Sometimes work needs to be redirected or behavior needs to be addressed when it does not serve our Driving Force of GROWING LEADERS who deliver BEST WORK. In those instances, constructive feedback provides clarity and is more respectful to Team Members. When you see something, you can say something. 

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

As part of working at DCD, we assume that by working here, you want to get better. That you desire to be the best in the world at your job, and you look forward to growth opportunities. If you have things that get in the way – performance related to your job or future opportunities – we assume you want to know so that you can improve.

We want DCD to be a place where both forms of feedback are used regularly.

The DCD Way

We want to share the knowledge and lessons we’ve learned along the way to help you grow as a leader. A leader doesn’t have to be a manager or have the desire to climb the corporate ladder; a leader is someone who wants to reach a common goal while helping and encouraging others along the way. Leadership is a process of taking risks and learning from mistakes to become a better person.

Our Vision is to grow young leaders who run the best small business — and inspire others to do the same. We hope by sharing our DCD Way, you are inspired to grow as a leader.