Project Specs:

Finish: Level 1, 400-Grit finish
Color: Sand Shurlock Acetone Dye
Size: 3945 sq. ft.

Dancer Concrete Design traveled to Lima, Ohio this past spring to create high quality polished concrete floors for the Vein Care Center. The floors can be seen in the lobby area and throughout their new building. With this particular project there were a lot of walls, doorways and narrow spaces to work around along with control joints that were needing filled in a very large space.

Our first work day started by taping off the walls and protecting the completed work in the space. We filled the control joints and started polishing on one half of the building. The following day we were able to polish the floor, apply a light coat of sand-colored shurlock acetone dye, finish with a densifier and guard and final polish to a level 1, 400-grit finish.

With the size of this space, we made a return trip a few weeks later and completed the other side of the building – more offices and exam rooms. Dancer Concrete Design worked with the other on-site contractors to find the best possible time to work on the floor. Being able to work with the client’s needs and head contractor’s schedule ensured that all aspects of the new Vein Care Center were completed to the highest quality.