Project Specs:

Color: Dark Gray with “Stonehenge” chips
Size: 536 sq. ft.

Twelve Mile Veterinary Clinic was renovating their kennel area and needed a flooring solution that could withstand dogs, other animals, and everything that comes with them. The new kennel area would have kennels flanking both sides of the room with drains down the center as well as located in each kennel itself. With a floor that would be wet on a regular basis, a hybrid epoxy floor system (chip epoxy) was the best choice.

We first primed the floor with a product called Rock Block. Rock Block is a moisture barrier formulated to effectively reduce moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) through a concrete slab to levels that allow installation of floor finishes, in this case, hybrid epoxy flooring. For the epoxy coat a dark gray color was used with “Stonehenge” colored chips broadcast throughout the surface. A unique aspect is that a vinyl cove, also broadcast with chips, was applied in the kennel area. This means that we applied epoxy vertically along the walls to further protect them. The chips help create a slip-resistant floor for the veterinary staff and animals alike.

To further protect the floor, and make it as durable and long-lasting as possible, a top coat of  Chem Rock UV and Urethane Gloss was applied. Shortly after the floor was completed, the new kennels were installed and the new “residents” moved in.