Twelve Mile Veterinary Clinic

Twelve Mile Veterinary Clinic, in Twelve Mile, IN, was searching for a long-lasting, stain-resistant flooring solution in their kennel area. One that could withstand frequently being wet. Dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, guinea pigs all can cause a significant mess. 

With this in mind, DCD installed an Epoxy Chip system with a few options to best suit Twelve Mile Veterinary Clinic’s needs. A chip system is durable, can withstand water, is slip-resistant, and is highly customizable. Integral cove was added. This brings the epoxy chip system up the wall a few inches. This helps protect the wall from water damage. The residents of the kennel were able to move in shortly after the install. 

System: TreadWell Epoxy with Moisture Blocking Primer, Chem Rock UV, Urethane Gloss, and Integral Cove.

Color: Dark Gray with Stonehenge chips