Treasure House

Project Specs:

System: Polished concrete floor
Color: Sand
Size: 4,500 sq. ft.

Our team was excited to be working with an organization that continually gives to the community and helps people in so many ways. Treasure House, a ministry of The Rescue Mission, just opened their new location on Coldwater Road. Treasure House is a thrift store whose funds support The Rescue Mission’s efforts to end homelessness and hunger in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. The Rescue Mission’s mission statement: To provide, through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry, and hope for their future.

Treasure House needed a floor that would look great and require little maintenance. The space was originally covered in tile and carpet, and our team had some preparation to do before the floor was ready to polish and stain. Joints were cut and filled with the Relic Bronze color that was chosen to compliment the Sand color that the floor would eventually be stained. The grinding process started with a medium level 70 grit diamond to expose the fine to medium aggregate in the surface (Mixture of Level 2 and 3 Polishing Depth) and worked through several successive passes to finish at a 400 Grit Satin Finish (Level 1 Polished Floor).

There were many other organizations that went into completing this project. All of the dye color for the staining of the floors was generously donated by Runyon Surface Prepa concrete sales and rental company from Indianapolis. The design for the space was completed by One Eleven Designa design firm based here in Fort Wayne. Dancer Concrete Design appreciates the efforts put forth by these community members to support this organization and our grateful to be part of such a cool project.


Treasure House
The Rescue Mission
Runyon Surface Prep
One Eleven Design