This. Changes. Everything.

Project Specifications

System Chip Epoxy Floor
Color Custom Gray Blend
Finish Satin Urethane
Size About 730 SF

The garage is a space that is often neglected in the process of beautifying our homes. Not only is the garage usually the last space we see when we leave and the first space we greet when we get home, but it is also an important area for storage and it can be used as an extension of living space off of your main home. The owners of A&J Woodworking in Delphos, Ohio, understand the importance of greeting a beautiful space after a productive work day and making the most of their square footage. You can change everything about the use of your garage space simply by adding attractive cabinet storage and cleaning up the floor with an epoxy chip system. After finishing these light renovations, you can transform several square feet of often unused space into a livable and comfortable environment for gatherings, parties, and hobbies. 

The Dancer Concrete team completed this project in just a few days. The first base coat on this floor was done in a medium gray over a charcoal primer. The 1/4” chips were thrown down in a custom neutral gray blend which is easy on the eyes and complements the rustic-craftsmen style of this home. The chips were topped off with a 100% solids epoxy coat and an additional satin urethane finish to make this floor stand up to tires, grease, and chemical spills. The finished floor is seamless with a clean installation around the large drain in the center of the floor. Epoxy chips are, hands down, our most durable and easiest to clean product for garage spaces. Epoxy floors are also highly customizable as you can create your custom color chip blend and levels of durability. Check out this chart comparing our chip system to the competitor’s chip system. This Decorative Epoxy Guide will give you an overview of the epoxy chip system and a few of our most used color samples. .