The Summit Event Center

The Summit Event Center space serves as an all-purpose expanding space that can be used for conferences, gatherings, receptions, and a worship area for Pine Hills City Church. The space’s previous carpet had run its course and was in continual need of cleaning, stain removal, and had lost its original appeal. In a building that commits to creating a well taken care of aesthetic, The Summit was looking for something new and modern that would serve the space better while weathering the inevitable spills that happen in a gathering space.

They chose our StrongTread Remodel system because it is the perfect choice for their needs. This system is a 7 part process.
First, the original flooring is removed from the space, along with anything else that is on the floor.
Then, we do floor repairs, patching, and fill in the joints.
Next, we hone and polish the floor with one of our push machines.
Areas next to walls and doorways are honed and polished as the rest of the floor is, but these sections are done with handtools.
We manually spray densifier and stain guard onto the floor, as well as color if it’s requested. The products are agitated into the surface.
We continue to process the floor in between application of product to refine it. The floor is polished until we achieve the requested sheen level.
The last step is for you to enjoy and make memories in the finished space.

System: StrongTread Remodel

Finish: 400 – Satin

Color: Gray Dye