Sweetwater Sound Showroom

Sweetwater Sound, located just off I-69 on highway US-30 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has the world’s largest music showroom. We added polished concrete floors to their Live Sound, Service, and Gear Exchange rooms located within their showroom.

We installed a Surface Overlay on top of old and new concrete and polished the overlay with our StrongTread system. We finished the overlay with a salt-and-pepper Classic system at a 400-grit, satin finish.

There were two main reasons the overlay was chosen over polishing existing concrete:

  • There had been some trenching and multiple pours of concrete in the renovated space, and it was important to the overall design to have a more monolithic look to the space without patching.
  • It was important to have smooth thresholds throughout the space for accessibility. By choosing the Surface Polish overlay, we were able to build up to a 34” tile in the main corridor and transition smoothly into the polished concrete floors.

Architecture by Design Collaborative.

Construction by Weigand Construction.

Pictures by Anchor Films, Sweetwater Sound, and Dancer Concrete Design.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


Surface Overlays


Surface Polish
StrongTread Classic