Stoy Farms

Project Specs: 

Finish: Level 1, 400-grit
Color: Black dye – 50% dilution
Size: 1,970

Being prepared is something that we, at Dancer Concrete Design, take very seriously. It’s important to have all of the details in place so that we can complete our work in an efficient manner. The planning for a project begins well before we show up to the jobsite and focuses on power source, water source, necessary supplies, special tools, the schedule for the duration of the project and any special issues to be aware of. When we arrived at Stoy Farms, we immediately knew that we were to access water from the barn, hook up to the main power source in the office and dispose of all used water at a certain location. Having all of these factors in place before arriving allowed us to begin the floor transformation on day one.

Stoy Farms selected a full polish and dyed concrete floor for their remodeled office area. This 5-day job began with the team protecting the walls of the office with tape and plastic and then filling the control joints. By day three, the team was applying the black penetrating dye to the floor. For Stoy Farms we used a dilution of the black dye for a unique look. The final two days were spent polishing the 1900+ square feet to a level 1, 400-grit shine. We finished by adding one coat of guard and burnishing the finished floor.

Partner Tom Stoy said “Dancer Concrete is a quality company staffed with quality people.  Nick Dancer was very friendly and helpful to deal with, and Nick Beck was very good on the job site.  You can trust that the job will be done right, and the finished product will be top notch!  Communication through the entire process was great.  Our project posed some unique challenges and Dancer Concrete never shied away and found a solution that looks great. After working with them I can say that the values and beliefs of the company displayed on the web site is the true attitude of the company.  When the attitude of the company is right, the quality of product will follow. Dancer Concrete followed through with exactly what I expected from them.  The end result is every visitor to our new office comments on one thing, the floor!”