Store and Haul

Store and Haul, a trucking business that specializes in bulk soy oil transport, needed a durable flooring option for their truck tank washing bays. The facility has the ability to wash almost all food grade products and it needed a floor that would withstand the obvious heavy traffic, moisture and various runoff from the tanks.

When we met with Store and Haul, we suggested our TreadWell Urethane Mortar system. This system is recommended for applications where wet processing, chemical contamination and high temperature cleaning is carried out. This system provides maximum protection, long-term durability, and great slip-resistance. It is also thermal shock resistance/heat resistant and can withstand high moisture in concrete – ideal for a truck bay that is used for washing out tanks.

After removing the current epoxy coating by grinding and scarifying  we patched areas where the existing concrete had chipped or eroded and then started on the application of the poly-crete urethane mortar. Along with the floor application, we also installed an epoxy cove roughly 6” vertically throughout the washing bays. A 1/4″ piece of angle iron was also installed to protect the 90 degree corners on the most abusive part of the floor.  A dark gray color was selected for this project with a flint-shot broadcast aggregate for slip resistance. A urethane mortar topcoat was applied to encapsulate the flintshot and add extra durability, chemical resistance, and  UV Stability.

Urethane Mortar installs are a great fit in spaces indoors or outdoors that require the highest abrasion resistance, chemical, and thermal shock resistant properties. They are typically installed in wash bays, commercial kitchens and food processing areas. These systems contain no VOC’s and have little to no odor, allowing for installations in a variety of spaces.


Van Wert, Ohio


TreadWell Urethane Mortar


Dark Grey