Spangle Fasteners, Inc.

Before we can make a concrete floor look good, shine, and bring character to a space, we have to take the time to remove carpet or tile, patch, grind, and fill control joints. And at Spangle Fasteners, we did it all.

We prepped the 2,783 sq. ft. floor by filling control joints and grinding rough sections. There was also a large area that needed to be patched with new concrete. Roger, one of our Craftsman, tackled that project before the rest of the Team arrived to apply the epoxy coating. Once the new concrete had cured, we then primed the floor with a dark gray primer. We also used dark gray for the base coat.

Chips were broadcast into the surface and we finished with a UV protective topcoat. This will prevent the epoxy from yellowing over time. This epoxy floor will be easy to maintain and brightens the space.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


TreadWell Decorative Chip