Simply Decks

Simply Decks has been in Fort Wayne installing decks for over 20 years. If you have been through Fort Wayne, there is a good chance you have driven past their location on N. Clinton St. leading into downtown.

As part of the showroom remodel, Traeger Grills was also building out some of the interior to showcase the available grills and celebrate Simply Decks being a Platinum Dealer.

Once the carpet glue was removed, We found some patching, cracks, and several different slabs with different tonalities of cement color and aggregate. Some features that are common with remodeling work and our ‘remodel’ system, is the unknown variables of the underlying concrete surface. When we find features like this we embrace the character of the concrete, the history of the building and it can be seen in these pictures.

Our multiple-step StrongTread Remodel Polished Concrete Floor System provided everything from carpet glue removal to a final satin finish with a stain guard + final sealer.


  • Location: Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • System: StrongTread Remodel Polished Concrete Floor
    • Satin Finish