Shine Premiere Auto Detailing

Shine Premier Auto Detailing in Van Wert, Ohio specializes in interior detailing, exterior auto cleaning and waxing, window tint application, motorcycle detailing, bed liner application, and more. They are certified WeatherTech floor mat vendors and offer all of their services at reasonable prices. Their work and attention to detail is truly impressive. The organization of the shop and attitudes of their team are both testaments to their professionalism. This new-to-them location is where our team was able to contribute our talents.

The owner of Shine needed a flooring solution that would be safe and hold up to tire traffic, water, and other chemical spills. We put together a system that would fit all of their needs: solid color epoxy with added slip-resistance and urethane topcoat. The floor was originally covered with tile that was set in the concrete. Because of this, some additional prep was in order to get the floor ready for coating. The floor was coated in Medium Gray color to provide a clean, neutral background for the space. To finish the space, a satin urethane topcoat was applied for extra chemical and abrasion resistance and aluminum oxide was added to meet all OSHA and ADA guidelines for slip resistance.


Van Wert, Ohio


TreadWell Color+


Satin Urethane
Medium Gray