Pole Barn Epoxy Coating

This residential client built a brand new pole barn for storage and extra space for family gatherings. The space is mostly open with a restroom and pantry room on the side of the building. This new structure is now a functional space that’s aesthetically tailored to the clients’ liking as well.

The floor was originally coated in acrylic sealer that had to be ground off before the decorative chip epoxy coating process commenced. Control joints were filled to provide a seamless finish for the space. As can be seen in the photos below, filling the control joints in this large, open barn yields a completely seamless flooring solution that will perform with ease of maintenance. A custom sliver reflective blend of chips reflective was broadcast into the epoxy, and our high-wear urethane was installed with a satin finish. Our team also applied a satin urethane sealer to the bare concrete in the adjoining restroom.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


TreadWell Decorative Chip