Northwest Indiana Police Station

Project Specs:

Systems: Smooth Epoxy Coating and Urethane Mortar
Size: 9,500 sq ft
Color: Charcoal with Yellow line stripping

As one could already guess, the floors in police stations experience heavy traffic 24/7/365. Whether it’s constant foot traffic or police cars in the garages, they require flooring that will be durable and not take much time to upkeep. Fortunately, smooth epoxy and urethane mortar floors are the perfect solutions for these spaces. The urethane mortar system is mixed with quartz sand to produce a thick, 1/4″ coating that is also applied over prepared concrete. The installation includes several mixers, applicators and finishers to apply. The finish has a gritty texture because of the sand and this system is certified to provide high traction for tires. These flooring solutions will deliver the performance that is necessary to allow officers and other personnel to focus on serving the public.

There were quite a few spaces that our team was applying flooring to in this new-construction police station. The smooth epoxy spaces included the Holding Cells, Booking Area, Interview Rooms, and several corridors. The urethane mortar system was applied in the Police Garage and Sally Port. Both systems were the color Charcoal. In the Police Garage and Sally Port, yellow line stripping was utilized to define the parking spaces. 1,047 linear feet of 4″ integral cove was applied to all of the walls our flooring touched, allowing a surface that can be easily cleaned by spraying with hoses without mold and mildew growing between the walls and flooring.


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