Motivated to Move

Project Specifications

System Polished Concrete
Color Natural
Finish 800 Grit – High Sheen  (Main)

400 Grit – Satin Sheen (Wellness)

Size About 12,000 SF
Construction Team




The brand new Jackson R. Lehman Family YMCA in Fort Wayne, Indiana will have you motivated to move. The team at Bona Vita Architecture knocked one out of the park with the designs on this quality YMCA project by creating a space that makes you feel energized as soon as you step inside the door. This modern facility has everything you need to endure a successful workout including: state of the art equipment, gyms, a track, a swimming pool, and fun spaces to hang out for kids and adults. The entire design enhances your mood and encourages health and fitness. Along with great product selections, layout, and finishes throughout, the design team also decided to sport a durable yet beautiful polished concrete option with a salt and pepper aggregate exposure for the main flooring.

The large, main space involved a very refined polishing process which took several weeks to complete. Along with a high-level of polishing there were many details to polish around including i-beams and corners. The final result rendered a high reflection at an 800 grit polish. The process was well worth the wait as the reflection makes the space feel bright and open and sets the groundwork for the rest of the design.

Walking from the main halls back to the wellness and fitness area you will find a transition in flooring materials from a salt and pepper polish to a wood-look flooring and finally to a cream polished floor mixed with a light salt and pepper aggregate exposure for the wellness/fitness area. This separate wellness area is finished in a 400 grit polish for a more economical solution that is still durable and attractive. You can check out pictures of this beautiful facility here, or visit the site for yourself at 5680 YMCA Park Drive West Fort Wayne, IN 46835.

Check out the Lehman YMCA class schedule here and get motivated to move! 


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