Modern at Play

Project Specs:

System: Polished Concrete
Color: Natural
Size: 1,500 sq ft

The clients for this basement polishing project were looking for a multipurpose space for their whole family to use – and polished concrete floors just happened to fit each purpose they were looking to fulfill. When you walk down the stairs to the basement, the space has a unique vibe to it; the room is completely open concept, yet there are creatively defined areas for each use. The children will enjoy this newly renovated space for arts & crafts, playing house in their built-in room under the stairs, or even rollerblading year-round. The adults can relax in their cozy and inviting living area, or workout in the modern gym section of the basement. We were impressed by the diverse uses for this finished space.

Our initial conversation with the clients about the design of their basement included finding out the ways in which they would be using the space. A matte, 200-grit finish was the polishing level that was decided upon, and the clients opted to keep the concrete its natural color. Aggregate exposure was chosen to be cream exposure. These finish details would prove to be a subtle and neutral backdrop to the rest of the modern/industrial design elements of the space while performing as an extremely durable and low-maintenance flooring solution that the whole family will enjoy for years to come.


Polished Concrete Guide