Lincoln Financial

Lincoln Financial Group is a company that has a historic presence in Fort Wayne. Planting their roots in the city in 1905, the insurance firm still holds the values of Abraham Lincoln at the core of their business. In 2015, World Finance magazine named Lincoln Financial Group as the Best Life Insurance Company in the United States. Employing over 9,000 people between their Fort Wayne and Philadelphia offices, Lincoln Financial is a valuable staple in our community.

Our team was needed to help complete the renovation of the food court in the basement of the Lincoln Financial building. The main goal of the new space was to attract Millennial employees to eat lunch in-house instead of leaving the building to do so. It was essential that the space was still usable during the weekdays for lunches – because of this, our team worked around the clock on the weekends and the floor was completed in six phases. Since the space needed to remain operational, keeping dust out of the kitchen equipment throughout this project was extremely important.

We first noticed that the existing floor was in pretty rough shape. There had been ceramic tile in the space, and removing these old flooring materials left a surface that would probably not produce the look that was desired with regular concrete polishing and staining. A polishing-compatible overlay was the solution to this obstacle. Implementing this provided a uniform appearance to the floor. Terrazzo strips were used in the control joints of the floor and to separate the colored sections. Slate Blue Penetrating Dye and Soft Maple Reactive Stain were used to color the concrete overlay in the curved design seen in the gallery below. The polishing process was completed at an 800-grit finish with Class B aggregate exposure.



Fort Wayne, Indiana


800 Grit
Slate Blue Dye
Soft Maple Reactive Stain