Project Specs:

Epoxy Floor
Color: Medium Gray base with chips 15-217 (Black, White, Gray)
Size: 2,589 sq. ft.

Concrete Overlay
Size: 716 vertical sq. ft.

For this lake-side residence, the clients needed a flooring system for their vehicles, watercraft and other “toys” in their large garage: a system that would be slip-resistant and would complement the new home. They settled on a full broadcast epoxy chip system.

The epoxy chip system covers the entire floor. While the concrete was new, we still needed to fill the control joints to create a seamless floor and then we broadcast a chip blend of black, gray, white with flecks of silver into a medium gray base. Instead of a shine finish, the homeowners selected to have the floor finished with a matte urethane. An interesting feature is that we brought the floor up the wall 6 inches (with full broadcast as well). This allows the homeowners to wash down the floor, or watercraft and not have to worry about the water getting up under trim work, or damaging walls.

Once the floor was completed, the concrete, foundation walls that support the entire structure stuck out. While the concrete walls supported the entire home, they still looked like rough concrete with pour marks and a rough surface. To complement such a nice space, we applied a cement overlay to the walls so create a nice cohesive surface. We also finished that with a urethane sealer to further protect the concrete. The homeowners chose steel columns and steel beams which completed the industrial feel to the space.