Lakeside Garage

Epoxy chip systems are highly versatile. They offer highly personalized customization options to match any space, slip-resistance, and are great options in spaces which see light vehicle traffic. This versatility is why the owners of this lake-side residence picked an epoxy chip system for their new, lake-side home. They also decided to get 6” integral cove. This pulls the floor up the wall and creates a trim which has similar features to the flooring. Here, it helps keep the walls in the garage safe because there’s not trim for water to get stuck behind. This makes the space a great place to spray off watercraft.

After completing the floor, the foundation walls looked out of place. These walls are essential, but they looked rough and unfinished. After discussing options, the owners decided on a cement overlay. This helped the foundation walls look like a uniform surface. We applied a urethane sealer to the walls protect them from damage.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


TreadWell Decorative Chip


Medium Gray Base
Black, White, and Gray Chips
Matte Top Coat