Joseph Decuis Banquet Room and Kitchen

Located in Roanoke, Indiana, Joseph Decuis began in 1993 by Pete and Alice Eshelman and steadily grew to what it is today: A Farm to Fork restaurant, retail store, two bread and breakfasts, banquet area, and a full-functioning farm. Pete, who is originally from New Orleans, named the restaurant after one of his Louisiana ancestors. This impressive company is the only place in the United States that you will be able to find home-grown, authentic Wagyu beef that is raised using traditional Japanese practices. There is a venue for weddings and receptions, as well as many other events. Joseph Decuis hosts events for the public regularly, usually requiring reservations to be made because of the large demand that is generated.

Dancer Concrete Design is no stranger to Joseph Decuis. In 2014, our Team completed polishing and staining work in their Farmstead Inn. Recently, they requested our services again – this time in their banquet area on the farm property. We provided a smooth epoxy floor coating in the color Merlot. The floor provides a statement in the space while also performing in functionality and low-maintenance upkeep. The color selection complements the style of the banquet area, as well as the rest of the property and brand. The floor received a satin finish and a final urethane coating to provide additional wear resistance. Our team finished up with the urethane application on a Thursday, and the space was ready for a wedding reception two days later.


Roanoke, Indiana


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