Garage Epoxy


Often Dancer Concrete Design finishes floors in unfinished spaces. New construction, complete remodels, or rooms that are halfway there – drywall and paint, but not much else. This particular epoxy project was in a space that simply needed a new floor. The walls were done, trim was up and a large wall unit was in place. We don’t shy away from these projects; we just make sure to take the time to protect the finished areas of the room and be careful when prepping the concrete.

Epoxy flooring can be customized to fit our client’s needs, wants and specific space. For this project, the homeowner selected two common options in addition to the standard epoxy installation. Filling control joints is a common request with epoxy coatings because it creates a seamless look and still allows the concrete to shift as needed. Another request that often comes with epoxy in garages is for the team to apply a vertical epoxy application around the edges of the room. This protects the drywall and allows the homeowner to spray down the garage and contain the water. We like to call this the bathtub effect.

The project went according to plan and after a clear primer coat, we applied a caramel-colored base-coat. A chip blend of brown, tan and white was broadcast into the floor. Our client had also selected a smoother finish so the team made sure to scrape and clean the chips really well. An ultra-clear top coat and a final urethane gloss were the final touches to this garage.


Fort Wayne, Indiana


TreadWell Decorative Chip


Caramel Base
Brown, Tan and White Chips