Durable Done Right

Project Specifications

System StrongTread Polish – Deep
Color Natural
Size About 2500 SF
Designer Frank Souder Design
Contractor Briner


Premier Truck Rental in Fort Wayne, Indiana, had designer Frank Souder on their side to ensure that their interior renovation was designed right with durable yet attractive finishes. The facility now boasts a deep concrete aggregate exposure which appears to lay down a handsome and visually rugged base for this industrial-modern interior. The cooler gray colors mixed with diamond plate metals are warmed up with Premier’s orange accent color, which was incorporated into the space through wood tones, fabrics, and signs. Briner was the builder and general contractor on this project, and they didn’t leave any details undone. They made a wise choice by bringing the Dancer Team in to shave off 1/4” of the concrete, leaving behind the large aggregate pattern. Exposing large aggregate is always a nice surprise and can give your interior texture and interest.

The Dancer Team did most of the bulk grinding on this floor before the interior walls were put in place. When the remaining construction was nearly complete, the team returned to finish the last details on the floor. Whenever a deep aggregate exposure is done on a floor, our team always follows through with a grout coat and second densifier for extra protection and to fill in any pin holes left behind. This project was finalized at an 800-grit finish and is quite the sight. If you are in need of a quality company to rent out a fleet of trucks, then be sure to fulfill this order in person.