Project Specs:

Finish: 400-grit, satin finish
Color: Green epoxy, custom “Kale Green” dye
Size: 11,115 total sq. ft.

DOT America, Inc. had a number of different areas that needed specific flooring solutions. 11,115 sq. ft. of flooring to be exact. DOT America, Inc. produces specialty coatings and surface treatments for medical implants and instruments. Dancer Concrete Design used smooth epoxy, full broadcast epoxy flooring and polished concrete throughout their building.

Smooth epoxy was applied in four different areas. We marked off each using cones and caution tape before proceeding with control joint filling, crack repair and the smooth epoxy itself.  DOT selected to use green epoxy throughout all four of these areas. The smallest individual area was the company bathrooms. These received a full broadcast epoxy floor system; again with green epoxy and chips for added slip-resistance.

The largest aspect of this project was the polished concrete floor. Over 7,000 square feet of DOT America’s facility received a full diamond polished concrete floor. Because of the size of this project, it was completed in two sections. A custom green dye was created to match and applied in hallways and select rooms. We also applied a coat of RetroGuard to protect the floor.  The polished concrete floor was finished to a level 1, 400-grit satin finish.

DOT America, Inc. worked with Dancer Concrete Design in order to find a custom flooring solutions for custom spaces, and a custom color that fit their company.