Commercial kitchens require durable materials and finishes in every inch of the space. Along with the heavy foot-traffic they receive, these areas also need to withstand grease spills, chemicals and cleaners, and hot liquids. The Jewish Temple, Congregation Achduth Vesholom, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana last renovated their commercial kitchen about 60 years ago. They plan to make this new renovation last another 60 plus years. They knew that flooring materials inferior to epoxy would not fit the bill. We enjoyed stepping up to fulfill our client’s needs, by installing this durable and slip-resistant 1/8” epoxy chip floor.

Our 1/4” chip system, which is also a beautiful and durable option, is the standard. However, the upgrade to the 1/8” chip seemed to better suit the needs of this space. Our team of craftsmen were able to close off old pipes, fill in holes, and patch the floor flush for a seamless coating. These patch spots are unrecognizable and cannot be seen when one looks over the final surface. The Dancer Concrete Team also worked around the existing dishwashing equipment that is bolted and welded into place. The final touch to our commercial epoxy floors is always the high-wear urethane topcoat for high-traffic areas. The general contractor on this project completed this space with a new doorway and upgrades on all commercial kitchen appliances to make this space functional and efficient.

System: Epoxy Coating – TreadWell Decorative Chip

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