Comfortable + Warm

Project Specs:

System: Polished Concrete
Color: Wenge Wood Reactive Stain
Size: Under 1,000 sq. ft.

This client came to us looking for a space that would allow their children a place to hang out while still feeling at home. The versatility of finished concrete flooring works well to adapt to a variety of home styles, and works seamlessly with this Craftsman-style home. We worked with the client to decide that a darker reactive stain would really make the space feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. The look and feel of the floor with this stain selection would be similar to the pictures they provided of the look they were targeting when we started the selection process. The clients really embraced the existing cracks in the concrete, and thought they exhibited the character of the house – and we agree.

When our team works on residential projects, it is imperative that we keep everything as clean and mess-free as possible for the client. For this reason, our first step was to apply RAM Board throughout the house where our equipment would be traveling. Tape and 24″ plastic were also applied to the walls of the basement to protect them. The original floor was rather new concrete with some cracks. Our team started by filling the cracks with a patching product. The grinding process then began, concrete reactive stain was applied in the color Wenge Wood, and then the floor was sealed with our two step concrete densification and stain-guard process. The 5 step polishing process was finished by bringing the floor to a 800-grit level. We were excited to see how the space came together after the rest of construction, which was overseen by the contractor Arbor Homeswas complete. View the gallery below to take a look!


Arbor Homes