City Church Fort Wayne

City Church Fort Wayne has opened the doors to their new home base on the south side of Fort Wayne, Indiana. City Church purchased the former Scott’s grocery story to renovate for their growing community, and DANCER polished the concrete floors in the central lobby and gathering space. Our StrongTread Polish – Remodel system was installed on the existing concrete slab, which included extensive patching and grinding to level the floor. A unique characteristic of the floor is a trench, possibly made for the former grocery’s stores data cables, that runs from the front entrance to the open kitchen on the opposite side of the open gathering space. After patching and grinding, the floors were finished to a 400-grit, satin finish.


Subcontractors can make or break a construction project. DANCER has been a killer sub on our project. They get after it, don't waste time, work hard, and do excellent work.


Fort Wayne, Indiana