Catalyst Fitness

Catalyst Fitness is a fitness center with two locations in downtown Fort Wayne and Southwest Fort Wayne. They boast giving a different experience than most other gyms. Personal training and overall physical improvement are the focuses of the center. Limiting memberships keeps everyone comfortable by making sure the fitness equipment is never too crowded. Personal trainers customize workout plans for each client to ensure the best results and ultimate comfort during the process of working toward achieving goals. They deliver in-home personal training to meet the needs of all clients in versatile situations. Another offering of Catalyst Fitness is to have a personal trainer travel to your home – anywhere in the country – for one week to overhaul your lifestyle and get the whole family on track to being healthier.

Our team was part of the 3,400 sq ft renovation for the Southwest Catalyst Fitness location. The owner liked the clean, modern look of polished concrete in his downtown location, and decided to implement polished concrete in his new space as well. Polished concrete is an excellent flooring solution for fitness centers because of its durability. Heavy equipment, machinery, and foot traffic are all abrasive to the floor, and polished concrete will perform well under these pressures. Aesthetically, natural-colored concrete provides a neutral, modern vibe for a space. The floor was polished to a 400-grit, satin finish. There was initially glue on the floor from a previous floor covering, which required some deeper grinding in the beginning of the polishing process. Because of this, aggregate exposure throughout the floor varied. This process brought out some of the natural character that polished concrete provides a space.


Fort Wayne, Indiana