FWCS Cafeteria

Northrop High School is home to the Bruins and located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Recent remodel work with the help of Barton-Coe-Vilamaa Architecture and contractor Michael Kinder and Son’s turned this Fort Wayne Community School into a school to truly be proud of.

The worn-out VCT tile that made up the previous Cafeteria floor was stripped away to reveal the original concrete beneath. The ceiling pattern was replicated onto the floor complete with saw-cut joints to enhance the color contrast of the dyes.

System: StrongTread Polished Concrete – Remodel System. 

Color: Natural, Walnut, and Raw Sienna.

REMODEL. Polished concrete and renewed architectural history go hand-in-hand. Our Remodel floor system offers a great look when embracing concrete’s age and character in a new space.