Buckhorn Manufacturing

Buckhorn Manufacturing, located in Bluffton, Indiana, came to Dancer Concrete Design because of issues they were having with their concrete floor. In the main area of the plant, there were a number of large cracks that were damaging equipment and hindering operations. They needed a solution that would last and could handle the high amount of traffic each day. Filling the cracks was the best option for repair but it wasn’t just a matter of adding the joint filling polymer to the existing cracks.

In order to ensure that the cracks didn’t expand further, Dancer Concrete Design evened the edges, created a consistent depth and cleaned up the cracks as much as possible. We then used a medium gray-colored polymer to fill the cracks and control joints that were repaired. Because of the location of the cracks, we were able to work while the manufacturing plant was running.

There was also an area of the floor that needed leveling. We were able to level the concrete (though below the surface line) and then pour new cement to completely level the surface. Again, production continued throughout the repair work that Dancer Concrete Design completed. Proper safety precautions were taken and ensured that our team and the Buckhorn employees could share the space without any unnecessary mishaps.


Bluffton, Indiana