Behind the Scenes

Project Specifications

System Epoxy Coating with Grit
Color Concrete Gray
Architect Viridian Architecture
Contractor Mosaic Building Solutions


Some of the work we do gets all sorts of glory. Sometimes its the floor for a new community space or the hip new boutique in town and sometimes its down a hall, behind a door, and we have a basement boiler room. The kind of floor only technicians see. On this project, we had the task of coating the epoxy in a remodeled boiler room. The room was stripped bare of all the old components and an entirely new system was installed. Once the new boilers were installed, systems checked and double checked; it was time to coat the floor.  The epoxy flooring would cover the entire space including in and around machines, mounts, and all sorts of obstacles. Dust control during preparation was vitally important to keep all the new electronics clean and in good working order.

The Coating Process: The system installed was a 100% epoxy floor in a concrete gray color. A grit additive was broadcast and then rolled into the topcoat to keep the stairs safe and provide an subtle texture to the finished surface. Once finished with the coating, a safety-yellow line strip was placed on the edge of each stair as well as around any raised platform. Although only a technician may find their way into this room, it shows how some line stripping and new coating can add order and define specific ares, while bringing new life to the simplest of spaces.

Viridian Architecture
Mosaic Building Solutions