Project Specs:

Color: Green, Yellow
Size:804 sq. ft.

Industries often experience hard wear on their concrete floors due to high traffic, fork trucks, and heavy machinery. Dancer Concrete Design offers a number of flooring solutions to combat these problems; one of which is an epoxy floor system. B&B Machine needed to have one of their main walkways repaired. The concrete was cracked and the rough surface was a safety hazard to the employees. As well as providing a durable, long-lasting floor, Dancer Concrete Design was also able to provide B&B Machine with a slip-resistant surface as well as caution striping.

To prepare the concrete floor, we first had to remove the surface layer of cement and any substances that may have been present. We then repaired cracks and filled them to create a solid surface. B&B Machine opted for a moisture blocking primer to be applied before the epoxy. Our additional priming process locks down excess moisture to ensure the epoxy floor coating does not peel or flake over time. The team applied a layer of green epoxy and broadcast chips into the surface. A 6″ wide strip of yellow epoxy was added to the outer edge as a safety reminder for B&B Machine employees and visitors. The final step for this project was to apply a high-wear topcoat. Our 3-part high performance topcoat increase the abrasion resistance and chemical resistance of your resinous flooring system. This can withstand up to 3 times more wear than traditional topcoats.