B&B Machine

High traffic from heavy machinery, fork trucks, and people, can lead to concrete experiencing heavy wear. Epoxy floor systems are a good way to combat this issue, on new concrete or on existing concrete that needs a bit of repair. 

This concrete was cracked, with a rough surface. It was creating a safety hazard within the facility. One that was difficult to avoid, since it is one of the main walkways in the facility. We repaired the concrete and created a solid surface to apply the epoxy. This company elected to use a Moisture Blocking Primer, this locks down excess moisture to ensure that the epoxy doesn’t peel or flake over time. They also elected to have a 6” safety strip of yellow epoxy added to the sides of the walkway. This lane striping helps to remind people to use caution while on or near the walkway. The final step was applying the high wear topcoat. This topcoat increases the abrasion resistance and the chemical resistant of the epoxy floor system. This helps extend the wear of the floor system.


Cromwell, Indiana


Green Base
Green Chips
Yellow Lane Striping