Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

When the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum was renovated, a concrete floor was installed in their large 7,000 square foot event center. The floor was from 15 years ago and sealed with a wax topcoat that would scuff and scratch easily when chairs and tables were moved into the space. The wax topcoat would need to be reapplied in order to maintain the shine of the floor. Dancer Concrete Design proposed a different plan.

Our polished concrete floors are finished with diamond abrasives to polish and refine the concrete itself. The diamond polishing process adds remarkable shine to the floor itself. Everything we do to our concrete floors are subsurface – including the reactive stain and penetrating dye. The biggest positive for the museum was the fact that the final sealer on the concrete is also a subsurface sealer. It is extremely abrasion resistant and the floor isn’t going to scratch, mark up or need to be re-sealed. This saves money in the long run and it provides a surface that will look much better after events and years of traffic. This kind of system is our standard polished concrete system, for residential and commercial properties alike.

For this particular project, it was important to have very clean, defined lines between the colored design. To create this look we cut 3/8″ grout lines and used nearly 2 miles of tape and plastic before the dye was applied. This extra effort was worth it when you see the completed space, with clean lines, clear color and a great shine.


Auburn, Indiana


StrongTread Polish – Remodel
Custom Dye + Design


800 grit
High Sheen
Mahogany, Midnight Black, Custom Green, Sand Dyes