Ancilla College

One part of the Ancilla College project involved giving the college a PolyCrete urethane mortar system in their 1,800-square-foot commercial kitchen space. This system provides maximum protection, long-term durability, and great slip-resistance. It is also thermal shock resistance/heat resistant and can withstand high moisture in the concrete. It is a seamless floor system that consists of complete no-filler 100% solids products and no harmful solvents or odors. It can be installed in a variety of colors and is the best choice in any commercial kitchen. It’s seamless design and anti-slip topcoat makes for a much cleaner and safer working over quarry tile.

Ancilla College elected to have a 4″ integral cove installed that would bring the PolyCrete vertically up the walls producing a floor to wall transition that keeps the kitchen cleaner and less prone to antimicrobial growth. The cove is installed prior to floor installation and then is top-coated in the same manner.

Once the floor was completely prepped, and the cove installed, we applied the PolyCrete and flintshot broadcast. The PolyCrete system is a self-leveling urethane mortar installed at 3/16″ and then is broadcast with a silica sand, producing a final thickness of 1/4″.  The floor was top-coated twice. The first coat was a base blue urethane mortar and final top coat, a bright blue Color Fast topcoat finished the floor. The final Color Fast topcoat is UV stable and offers great chemical protection in this space. Additional anti-slip aggregate was also added in the final topcoat. The finished floor has a bold color, fitting well with Ancilla’s school colors, is incredibly durable and will last Ancilla College for years to come.


Plymouth, Indiana


Flint Shot Broadcast
Topcoat in Blue