Ancilla College

Project Specs:

System: Polished Concrete with Penetrating Dye
Color: Maroon, Chocolate, Gray and Eggplant
Finish: 800-grit, level 2
Custom scoring and design for lobby floor

For the project at Ancilla College we worked with another Fort Wayne architecture firm, Design Collaborative, to execute the design they had developed. The concrete slab was already poured and cured, so our first task was cutting the design joints. We used our smallest blade and cut the joints 1/2” deep and filled them with a black polyurea joint compound.  After the design was cut, we began the grinding and polishing process.

By the end of the first week, the team had polished the floor to a 200-grit, matte finish and it was ready for color. Ancilla College selected four different colors to use on the floor in a linear design.  Maroon, chocolate, gray and eggplant penetrating dyes were selected to enhance the design cuts and created a warm feel in the space. After the dye had been applied and then rinsed, we densified the floor and began polishing to the desired 800-grit shine. This polished surface level reflects clearly identifiable objects and has a high sheen.