Adams County Jail

Adams County Jail was a new construction project made necessary to the community because of overcrowding in their existing facility. This new jail is able to accommodate 182 inmates, where the old structure could only hold 60. The project was recently completed and an open house was scheduled so the public could view the new jail facility. Overall, the project came in at an impressive $3.5 million under budget.

A quartz epoxy coating with integral cove is a sensible flooring solution for spaces that experience heavy foot traffic, water, and require simple maintenance. Integral cove, the trim that connects floor to wall, allows for the room to be sprayed down for cleaning without the worry of mold and mildew growing in the space between the floor and the wall. The seamlessness of the floor will also ensure no dirt or debris will gather in floor cracks and control joints. Quartz epoxy offers slip resistance that meets OSHA guidelines and is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, as it was used at Adams County Jail. In the kitchen, the colors of quartz sand that were chosen were red and tan to create a colorful statement against the stainless steel appliances. In the restroom and shower area, black and white quartz sand was used to keep a neutral tone to the space. Overall, 2,000 square feet of our decorative quartz epoxy system and 140 square feet of integral cove was installed at the jail.

Architecture by Elevatus.


Decatur, Indiana


TreadWell Decorative Quartz
Integral Cove


Kitchen: Red + Tan Blend
Restroom: Black + White Blend