TreadWell Industrial+

DOT Lab epoxy flooring

TreadWell Industrial+ is an epoxy floor option that was built to work. It's durable, easy to clean, and affordable to install.

This floor is at home in industrial applications. Testing labs, corridors, storage areas, light production are great fits for this system. It comes
in a range of colors to best coordinate with the needs of the space. Additionally, there are options to increase grip and slip resistance.

TreadWell Industrial+ is designed for foot traffic and handcarts, it's not ideal in areas that will have heavy vehicle traffic.

Featured Projects

DCD Educational Automotive Repair
Automotive Repair

Available Colors

Treadwell ESD+

TreadWell ESD+ is for facilities that need to minimize the risks of electrostatic discharge. This system option is designed for utility and functionality.

DCD TreadWell ESD 3
DCD TreadWell ESD 2
Labratory Storage
DCD TreadWell ESD 1
Testing Room

Treadwell Traffic

This option is a traffic-grade coating and waterproofing membrane for parking garages, balconies, decks, and upper stories where moisture intrusion is a concern.

Parking Garage
TreadWell Traffic 2
TreadWell Traffic 3