More than 100 years after the campus was built, Electric Works is buzzing with activity, including a STEAM school, a health clinic, coworking spaces, local businesses, and a food hall – Union Street Market. Folks gather at tables lining the glass windows and garage doors in the East and West Halls for coffee meet-ups in the morning and enjoy a meal with family and friends for lunch and dinner. Colorful art murals line the Arcade, the adjoining common seating area between the two Halls. The natural light from the glass windows and garage doors reflect a subtle sheen off the polished concrete floors to brighten the space.

If you look up, you’ll see the individual lines between the boards from where they poured the concrete ceiling in 1922, says Jeff Bragiel, Project Manager for Electric Work’s general contractor, Weigand Construction. Everything in the space has been thoughtfully designed from top to bottom to honor the buildings’ original construction.

Dancer Concrete Design was recommended for the Union Street Market project by Bragiel. Dancer Concrete Design’s attention to detail – from initial samples down to the control joint fill across the Halls – was flawless. We worked closely with the architects, designers, and general contractor to select finishes, schedule pre-grind and polishing installations, make design changes, and ultimately deliver the final finished floors.

You’ll find our salt-and-pepper StrongTread Classic Polish system in the main floor of the West Hall; our StrongTread Saver system in the West Hall’s mezzanine; a custom sealed system on the stamped concrete in the East Hall; and large aggregate exposure with our StrongTread Deep Polish in the Arcade. These spaces are all defined by the finished concrete floors that Dancer Concrete Design installed at Union Street Market.

The Market is the community hub on the Electric Works campus with a constant evolution of people who get to come in and experience the public space. It’s a destination in the heart of greater Fort Wayne to be proud of.

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