Written by Nathan Heintzeman | DCD Project Leader

Something that has struck me in my first 90 days here at DCD is that I am “drinking from wells that I did not dig.”

Here’s what I mean by that…

Potential clients reach out multiple times a day and they each have a story about how they came to know DCD. Often times they mention having a friend, co-worker, or neighbor who had an excellent experience with the company and highly recommends working with us.

Stories travel.

What I’m finding is that for the last 15 years at DCD, the Team has been giving clients excellent stories to tell through the ways that they went the extra mile to not just deliver a beautiful floor, but to make the client smile in the process.

Those who’ve gone before me have dug deep.

But that also means I feel a healthy responsibility to keep giving clients good stories to share. And by doing this, I make a small contribution that will end up benefiting someone else 15 years down the road.