Choosing terrazzo for your space doesn’t have to stop at flooring – CAST Terrazzo Products can step up your project. We create customized stair treads, landings, and panels that match your new or existing terrazzo flooring.

We are nationwide AIA-accredited to present terrazzo-specific Lunch and Learns. You and your Team will learn about basic budgeting, design considerations, finishes, and maintenance for terrazzo.

An architectural detail is made to confirm measurements and supports before product is ordered.

CAST writes architectural specifications for your design projects. We also create detailed drawings of measurements, supports, and any abrasive nosing strips, patterns, or decorative and dividing metal strips.

Once measurements and structural supports are confirmed, the terrazzo materials are finalized. With several options to choose from, you can mix and match the materials and colors we use for your final product. You will choose your stone aggregate blend, epoxy binder color, and upgrades like mother-of-pearl, glass, and mirror.

Then, our CAST Team creates custom forms to pour your terrazzo products, grinds, and polishes each product by hand. When finished, the products are ready for delivery.

CAST Terrazzo Products are proudly made in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and available to ship nationwide. If you are located in the regional area of northeast Indiana, Dancer Concrete Design can install your terrazzo flooring in tandem with CAST.

CAST works nationwide for design-driven architectural projects, and we are here for you to create BEST WORK on your project.


We help you make the best design-driving decisions by customizing terrazzo products for your space. We also write tailored architectural specifications for your project. Email Marshall at or request a quote for your project to get started.