Meet a recent addition to our fleet.

Investing in specialized equipment is one of the ways we make sure we have what we need to to stay Strong And Steady. Having the right machine or tool for the job lets us get the job done quickly and correctly. Our ride-on polisher lets us polish 10,000 sf a day of new concrete in an open space—making it so we can turn over a project in significantly less time while delivering a fully polished concrete floor.

(Our friends at Runyon have a good post about what this machine is.)


Looped GIF of a teal ride-on polisher moving side to side with the polishing heads spinning.
This is about what it does.

Ride-on polishing machines are significantly faster at fully polishing a floor than push machines are in large spaces. This increase in speed makes it so we can turn the floor back over to you quicker, saving you time and money. This machine is propane-powered, making it more nimble on site.


Our Terrco can cover a significant amount of floor in a day. It’s ideal in large spaces that need a lot of love and prep-work. This is an electric, corded machine that needs dedicated power. Cord and power management are keystones to keeping this machine moving to its full capacity. It is the best option for spaces where its ability is needed to get things moving, and the floor and power it needs can be solely dedicated to it.

The lack of cords gives it greater maneuverability on site.

Our 32″ push machines are workhorses. They are small enough to be easy to maneuver in tighter spaces; yet, large enough to cover a decent-sized surface during a shift. They’re designed to have a vacuum attached to the head to help mitigate dust during the polishing process. These are the machines for spaces that are open but not vast. They can make quick work of a Cessna hanger, but they lose their edge in a full-size warehouse.

Spaces like this 100,000 SF facility for Smith Brothers of Berne are perfect for a ride-on polisher.

This is what makes a ride on polisher different. When the space is big enough, and open enough, we can get it in and get it done. No cords and heavy-duty power to manage. Not piecemeal amounts and intermittent progress reports. Our ride-on polisher does 10,000 sf a day in big, open spaces. It’s a beast at what it was made to do—making the benefits of a fully polished floor an affordable (in both time and money) option in spaces that don’t make sense to do with a smaller machine.


The space needs to be large and wide open. Spaces under 10,000 sf are better served with smaller machines. Buildings that have been cut up into sections under 10,000 sf are better served with smaller machines. 

Our ride on polisher works with a wet cut process. It needs a regular supply of water to keep the floor wet. This process creates a concrete slurry that can be a bit messy and needs to be properly disposed of.

Slurry management is a key part of using this machine.

Construction is messy. Both dry-cuts and wet-cuts create a beautiful, polished floor. Wet-cuts are a good way to keep dust in check. It’s easier to see how the floor is polishing up with a dry-cut. The machines and needs of the job and site determine what kind of cut to go with. If concrete slurry isn’t something your site can have, this isn’t the machine for that site. 

If we didn’t get dirty, we wouldn’t need to be Neat, Clean, + Organized.

It does a great job of polishing the concrete with one of our skilled craftsmen operating it. The only catch is that space has to be big enough for it to be able to do its thing.

Wanna learn more?

Get in touch with a Project Leader if you think we’d be a good fit for your project (or if you want to see what this beast, or any machine in our fleet, can do and how it can help your projects stay on target.)