Written by Nathan Heintzeman | DCD Project Leader

I spent the first seven years of my career in, or at least near, Corporate America. I became accustomed to hearing comments like, “Things are moving 100 miles an hour!” Phrases like this were so commonplace that I barely noticed them being said and even chimed in from time to time.

Three months ago I made a career change, and I’ve been introduced to a new perspective — a new way of being. Rather than holding a lead foot on the accelerator, it’s more accurate to say that our business moves at 3 miles an hour.

Why 3 MPH? Because instead of piling into a rocket ship or sprinting, we walk.

At DCD, we call this way of being STRONG & STEADY.

Here’s what I’ve noticed thus far:

  • When I walk, I can listen deeply to what’s being said.
  • I can think more clearly.
  • And when I walk, I choose my words. I respond, rather than react.

In these last few months, it has become more common for me to pick up the phone rather than fire off an email. I opt for face-to-face interactions even though they’re “less efficient,” and I find myself noticing the strengths of those around me in a deeper, more meaningful way.

In most circles, busyness is not just tolerated — it is praised! It is held up as a badge of honor that testifies to the worth of the busy human. It seems to me that busyness and identity are often intertwined in our culture (but that’s a topic for another day).

I get more done in a day operating with a STRONG & STEADY mindset than I do in a hurried one. But even if I didn’t, I would still be convinced that walking is the way to go far, enjoy the process, and build trust along the way.