The word quality is too subjective and overused; rather, we choose to use the term BEST WORK for our business. BEST WORK means using resources and expectations to deliver the work Error-Free, On-Time, Every Time. 

In our business, we do work at various prices. Sometimes we install affordable options (warehouse sealing), and sometimes we install the most expensive options (custom logos and custom-designed systems). Our job is to help match clients with systems and floors that match their expectations with their budget and help them know where value is added with the money spent.

For example, if someone contacts us about a floor for their high-use commercial kitchen, the best recommendation is our urethane mortar system; this system can be double the price of a more basic system. Sometimes, we install a more affordable system, and we communicate what they can expect from making that choice. There need to be concessions in design and cost for most projects. We are here to help with that, not to be a barrier. 

No matter the job, we have standards we need to work with and towards. Just as when we are customers, our clients expect BEST WORK. 

What is BEST WORK?

We define BEST WORK in three parts: Error-Free, On-Time, Every Time. 

Error-Free. We all want our products and services to be free of defects. It’s doing what we said we were going to do. It’s following through with the best intentions we had. It’s making the choice to do our best in each step so, in the end, it all comes out well. We expect our products and services to be error-free when we get them. If you order a burrito with beans, you expect they put the beans on. If you get a package from Amazon you expect it to not be broken during shipping. Our clients expect us to do the work as specified or designed. 

On-Time. People make decisions based on what we tell them. If it’s going to take 2 days then we get it done in 2 days. If it’s going to take 2 months, then we do it in 2 months. On-time doesn’t mean rushing. It means doing our part in completing projects on-time. And if something happens that makes this impossible, or affects being error-free, we communicate early and make accommodations. 

Every Time. Anyone can get lucky, catch a good break and do something error-free and on-time, but to do it every time you need systems. You need processes and habits developed to maintain this.  We should have a reputation that when you hire our company, we get it done. We do it as specified: error-free, on-time, every time. It’s basic business to fix what is not right. When we make a mistake on a job we step up to fix – but what if the client never had to deal with our error in the first place? 

BEST WORK is not just something we do; it’s who we are. 


We want to share the knowledge and lessons we’ve learned along the way to help you grow as a leader. A leader doesn’t have to be a manager or have the desire to climb the corporate ladder; a leader is someone who wants to reach a common goal while helping and encouraging others along the way. Leadership is a process of taking risks and learning from mistakes to become a better person.

Our Vision is to grow young leaders who run the best small business — and inspire others to do the same. We hope by sharing our DCD Way, you are inspired to grow as a leader.