ALWAYS GROWING. Working together as a Team drives us to do BEST WORK every day, on every project. We believe that we grow by leaning just beyond our security and comfort, and it is our duty to expand upon what we’ve been given. We challenge, encourage, and keep each other accountable to always be growing, both professionally and personally.

“I’ve never seen any group of guys be so willing to teach and be so willing to show them the way.”

Ashton Barnes, DCD Team Leader

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Always Growing Leaders

The Driving Force of our Business is Growing Leaders who run the Best Small Business. For us, Growing Leaders is a 3-part process:

Inspire.  Provide stories and examples of growth and opportunities in the business. 

Show examples of those who have gone before them and who have achieved success through increased business opportunities. They should feel and understand the importance of installing BEST WORK and how that helps create additional future opportunities. 

Equip.  Provide the resources and guidelines to succeed. 

Have rhythms and systems to ensure everyone has the right training, clarity, and tools to do their job well. In the office, they are equipped with fast internet and an up-to-date computer. In the field, they receive fresh gear, machines that work, and trucks that are taken care of. 

Empower.  Give the opportunity to take control of their own growth and opportunities to act.

Provide positive consequences for BEST WORK. This means it is in their hands to make the most of the opportunities in front of them. There is a major gap between saying something and acting on such.


We want to share the knowledge and lessons we’ve learned along the way to help you grow as a leader. A leader doesn’t have to be a manager or have the desire to climb the corporate ladder; a leader is someone who wants to reach a common goal while helping and encouraging others along the way. Leadership is a process of taking risks and learning from mistakes to become a better person.

Our Vision is to grow young leaders who run the best small business — and inspire others to do the same. We hope by sharing our DCD Way, you are inspired to grow as a leader.