A high school in Elkhart, Indiana had just over 8,000 square feet of new concrete for a vocational wood shop, and they selected a StrongTread Hardwear sealed concrete floor system.

Dancer Concrete Design’s StrongTread Hardwear system is a sealing treatment using penetrating concrete densifiers and stain guard products. It balances long-term durability with a low-cost budget to finish your concrete floor. It’s a quick installation process to keep your project on time. It seals the concrete, making it stain-resistant and dust-proof, for easier cleaning and maintenance.


– LONG-TERM. This sealed concrete floor system continues to harden and gain density over time.
– RESISTANCE. The products we use make your floors resistant to abrasion damage.
– AFFORDABLE. This is a less-intensive process that makes this a budget-friendly option for large-scale projects.

Finished StrongTread Hardwear sealed concrete floor for a new high school wood shop.


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