In the Press

Nicholas Dancer: Pittard (Australian Podcast)

Gary Pittard – October 2021

By Chance + By Design

Prosoco – May 2021

Embrace The Suck

People Development Podcast – April 2021

Polishing a Tired Concrete Floor 

Concrete Construction – October 2019

New Life for Lifehouse Church 

Concrete Surfaces – Showcase — Lifehouse Church – April 2018

Concrete Surfaces: Polished Concrete Award Winner

Category: Institutional — Lifehouse Church – August 2017

Making a Greater Impact

Greater Fort Wayne, INC – June 2015

Art-Deco Concrete Floor Enhances Classic Car Museum – Spring 2015 – Featured on MichiganHomes

Filling Joints in Decorative Concrete

Concrete Decor – July 2014

Pouring Concrete with Acid Staining In Mind

Concrete Decor – Nov/Dec 2013

Polished Concrete Becomes a Canvas – Fall 2013

Beautiful Chemistry

Concrete – Spring 2013

Smoothing Out The Rough Spots – Summer 2013


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