Dancer Concrete Design specializes in installing polished, sealed, and resinous floor systems on concrete floors in NE Indiana. 

We work in retail, education, commercial spaces, warehousing/manufacturing, food/beverage, and public projects.

We think construction done well doesn’t have to come with the typical “contractor experience.” The way we do business attracts the best customers who value open communication, workmanship, and good design. We can work directly with you, without a general contractor, to finish your space by installing a versatile, natural, and long-term flooring solution.

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Polished concrete flooring offers one of the most sustainable flooring solutions available. With its low lifetime cost, simple maintenance, and long-term durability, polished concrete provides great value for anyone looking into hard-surface flooring.


Whether you are looking to transform your space by adding a dye or stain to your concrete, or to simply enhance the natural gray hue of the existing concrete, polished concrete has the ability to be crafted to fit a variety of environments and styles. Let us help you design a floor that will truly enrich your environment.

We install polished + stained concrete floor systems in NE Indiana.

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Epoxy, or resinous, floor coatings offer a flooring solution without compromising. Durability, safety, aesthetics, and simple maintenance are all aspects that epoxy floor coatings deliver to your environment. Choose between several finish options that fit your situation -  smooth, flake broadcast, sand broadcast, metallic and urethane mortar. Invent your space the way you envision it with multiple design options.

Epoxy floor coatings outperform other hard-surface flooring in the most abusive environments. Whether you're looking for flooring that is safe, seamless, requires simple maintenance, fits a specific look, or is durable, epoxy floor coatings enhance environments across the board.


We offer several types of epoxy floor options for a variety of needs and budgets. Our recommendation will depend on your needs and how the space is used.

We install epoxy floor coatings in NE Indiana.