System: Polished Concrete
Size: around 2,000 sq ft.
Color: Black fox control joints, Slate blue concrete stain
Finish: Level 1, 400-grit

WaterOut is a cleaning and restoration business that has been serving Northeast Indiana for over 11 years. Family owned and operated, WaterOut reached out to Dancer Concrete about installed a polished concrete floor at their business. We love the opportunity to work with other local businesses that focus on customer care, service and quality.

WaterOut selected a polished concrete flooring systems with a custom concrete stain. To create the look our team first went through and filled the concrete control joints with a black polyurea joint filler. After the 200-grit pass we applied the slate blue reactive stain and densified the floor. Water Out selected our most popular final finish, a level one, 400-grit shine. This polished surface level has a diffused reflection and is popular when a satin finish is desired.

The WaterOut project was a corridor and office project with a lot of narrow hallways and small rooms. Although we have very large equipment to complete large commercial projects, we also have smaller machines that can work in tight spaces or even be carried up and down steps.