Project Specs:

Finish Level: Level 2 – 800 Grit Finish – Highly Reflective
Color: Custom blend of slate blue, caramel and walnut
Size: 6800 sq. ft.

In 2013, Dancer Concrete Design was given the opportunity to collaborate with The Wassenberg Art Center in Van Wert, Ohio. Our goal was to create a unique floor that would not only be an artistic element in their space but would be a durable, long-lasting flooring solution.

The art center had recently purchased the old National Guard armory in Van Wert, Ohio. The late 1920’s concrete floor was covered in VCT tile and epoxy, including black mastic glue. Concrete was going to be the finished floor in the main entry, bathrooms, kitchen and main gallery space.

While the custom stained artwork in the kitchen and bathrooms was completed by artists, Dancer Concrete Design laid out and stained the floor in the entry and throughout the main gallery space, along with the help of Hope Wallace, the center’s director.

To spray the colors, we created an outline by spraying lines on the concrete, then filled in spaces with the appropriate colors. To soften the color transition between the vibrant dyes, we added a diluted brown water-based dye to the concrete densifier. This floor was polished to a highly reflective 800-grit finish which further opened the space.