Project Specs

System: Chip Epoxy, Concrete Repair, Crack Repair and Joint Fill
Color: Dark Gray Epoxy with Chip Blend 14-925 (Blue, Black, White and Gray)
Size: Varies

We were first contacted by Valbruna Slater Stainless, Inc. in August 2014. Over the past year we have completed five separate projects at their facilities. Everything from concrete repair, control joint and crack repair and filling to full broadcast epoxy coatings. The first projects we completed at the end of 2014 and involved concrete repair work. We wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t have to stop production in order for us to complete our job. With our dust control system, we were able to work side by side without any company down time. We had a 24 square foot area that needed leveling and patching. Our dust vacuums ran the entire time as our team ground down the rough areas and mixed and placed the patch material. One day of work and the concrete had been repaired.

The second project at Valbruna was in their production area. We first power washed and cleaned the concrete, walls and pillars in the work area. Then we began patching and grinding off metal pins sticking up through the concrete. The final step was to cut out and fill the control joints with our epoxy sand mixture. We also installed a full broadcast epoxy floor coating in their production offices and breakroom. After removing the VCT tile, we were able to prep the floor, patch any rough spots and fill control joints. Valbruna selected a dark gray basecoat and a chip blend of blue, black, gray and white. The full broadcast coating provides a very durable surface that is slip-resistant and creates an easy-to-maintain flooring option. Valbruna also selected for Dancer Concrete to install a vinyl cove (in black) around the perimeter to trim the floor.

Another project at Valbruna involved cracks and joints that needed repaired. For the crack repair we take a previously jagged crack, and make it nice and neat with a consistent 3/4 in. thickness. The control joint was similar in that we cut an inch on each side of the joint and then cut at 3/4 thick. This creates a square shelf that we then fill and level with the floor.

The final project we completed for Valbruna was to install an epoxy floor in their locker room area and entry way. The stairs and handrails need to be sanded down to remove the paint and expose the steel underneath before we used our two coat system. This then got a high wear topcoat to protect it from the constant daily use. For the locker room floor, we needed to fill control joints to create the seamless surface. A dark gray epoxy base coat was laid before we broadcast chips into the surface for extra slip-resistance. To finish we applied two top coats: a UV blocking topcoat so the epoxy will not yellow over time due to the sun, and then a final gloss urethane to add extra shine and durability. The final day we returned to Valbruna and installed a vinyl cove throughout the locker room. This protects the walls from any moisture and creates a finished trim look.

The projects at Valbruna allowed us to use all of our skills and we greatly appreciate their continued business!